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Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday. Let it go.

For everyone who has sent in requests and inspired’s lately, I am really sorry I haven’t done them, I’ve been so busy with exams and revision I haven’t had time. But on the plus side I’ve had this tumblr for a year now and I leave school forever in about two weeks!!!

Anonymous asked:
What's the best way to get lous hair colour?

She used to use fudge’s products but recently she’s used bleach London products like their ‘rose’ colour. Another colour she recommended in her book, the craft, was directions colour lilac. And to make it more pastelly you could use conditioner with the dye. Hope this helped xx

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Ooooooooh nina


Anonymous asked:
Where's the pic of u and nina? :(

On my personal grungia in the mine section x

Anonymous asked:
If you have done the looks for when she went to the Easter party where Niall was there. Can you pretty please link me. If you havnt yet can u pretty please do one?! ily babe Xoxoxoxoxoxox

I haven’t but teasdaleinspired has I think? X